Marring and discoloration is due to storage, not use, except where noted. I try to keep this up-to-date, but check first for availability.  I became a Wilton Dealer in 1979 so some items date from way back!  Just e-mail me (or Apple Face-Time) to

Most New, 3 or 4 Used

* MagicLine/Parrish made of machined heavy gauge aluminum

** British are tin-plated steel

*MagicLine pans are machined and welded aluminum

**Pans from Britain are tin-plated steel

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Goldilocks Metal Cookie Cutters  SET of 4New$2.50

Large Angel Metal Cookie CutterNew$2.00

Wilton Jungle Animals Set 4New$1.50

Wilton Sports Cookie Cutters Set 5$1.50

Wilton Teddy Bear Bite-Size Cutters  Set 5$1.50

Wilton 2 pc. metal Easter Bunny Mold #518-284 5-1/4” high     $3.00

Wilton 2 pc. metal Mini-CarMold #518-D-380 3-1/4” high$2.50

Wilton Easter Cookie Cutters Set 4$1.50

Wilton Circus Train Cookie CuttersSet 4$1.50

Wilton Valentine Cookie CuttersSet 5$1.50

Wilton Valentine Cookie CuttersSet 5$1.50

Wilton Jungle Critters  Set 4$1.50

Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy Cookie Cutters  Set 5$1.50

Antique Replica Mold hinged Rose Cast Aluminum #518-D-500

2-1/2” high  (1974)     $ ??

Antique Replica Mold hinged Lily

Cast Aluminum # 516-D-706

3-1/4 x 3-1/4    (1974) $ ??

Reproductions of 19th century pewter molds.  Just fill and chill.

Heavy Plastic Molds from Mouldings, Inc, Salt Lake City, Utah with recipe sheet “Crispy, Crunchy Cereal Treats” Large Bunny$1.50   Stocking $1.50

Bat & Ghost $2.00 Candy Cane & Angel $2.00     Car & Fish$2.00